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Friday, June 1, 2007

Cooking with Kelly: BBQ Chicken bites

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Because I had leftover chicken, BBQ sauce and mozarella, I tried to make something different. For this recipe, you need: four chicken cutlets, pancake mix, barbecue sauce, oil for frying, a tomato and a handful of shredded mozarella.

I marinated chicken chunks over night in barbecue sauce. Then, I dredged then in dry pancake mix. Next, the got a dip in a batter of pancake mix, barbecue sauce and water mixed to the consistency to pancake batter.

Then they fried in the oil for about three minutes. What you see in the photo is what was left after several, several tries. First, there wasn't enough oil and the pan wasn't hot enough. Then, the batter was too thick. Finally, I realized that my stove isn't really level, so I had to work around the fact that certain parts of the pan were hotter than others.

The side dish is just a tomato cut into wedges with a little bit of cheese on top. I put it under the broiler for a few minutes, until the tomato was soft and the cheese was melted.

All in all, the food was worth the effort. The chicken was crunchy and had a distinct, smoky barbecue taste. The tomato was delicious and didn't even need the cheese.

For future reference, I'll use a smaller pan so the heat is better distributed.

Check out more photos here.

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