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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cooking with Kelly: Burgers on the grill

In the Midwest, we don't have a ton of days that are perfect for grilling. In my 10 years living in Libertyville, Ill., I'd say we get about 10 perfect days per year -- the rest we just get out there anyways to get our money's worth out of the grill.

Luckily, we were ready for one of those perfect days Saturday. We cooked hot dogs and burgers on our grill for a family lunch. Here are my mom's secrets for burgers on the grill.

Ingredients for four burgers:
1 pound 85 percent lean beef
salt and pepper
Lettuce leaves
Tomato, sliced
American cheese slices
Onions, pickles, sliced
Make four patties larger than the buns because they will shrink when cooking. Dust with salt and pepper. Put on the grill and baste the other side with ketchup to keep the burgers moist. The fat in the burger is what gets it flavor. Keep the grill cover closed as much as possible. Only turn the burger once and don't press down on it with your spatula -- this creates flair ups. If you want cheese on your burger, place one or two slices on the burgers while they're still cooking. When the meat is finished, let it rest in a foil-covered container for a few minutes to lock in juices. Place the patty on a warmed bun and top with all your favorites.
For more photos, visit here.

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