Kelly the Culinarian: Tasty Tucson Tour: Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tasty Tucson Tour: Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Last weekend, I went out to the Arizona-Sonara Desert Museum. The place is famous for its integration of natural elements in its campus. It's a zoo/museum/botanic gardens with a little bit of everything. I spent many hours there in the scorching afternoon desert sun, but I would go back again.

As for the food out there, I stopped at the cafeteria-style dining establishment out there. Everything was overpriced, but it's a tourist spot. I got the southwest chicken cheese steak with peppers, onions and montery jack cheese. It wasn't so great. The bun got quite soggy and there wasn't a lot of flavor in it. It's hard to make a sandwich this messy look good too.

Before I left, I stopped at the gift shop. There were so many food-related items I barely knew what to do with myself. There were jalapeno and cactus jellies and jams and cookbooks and dip spice mixes. After admission and lunch, I let price be my guide. I picked up a few prickly pear pops for $.95 a piece. Prickly pear is only third on the list of ingredients, so I should have known it was just a tourist trap. It tasted just like a safety sucker you can get at the bank.

It's a good thing I came for the scenery and not the food because that's one thing that could never disappoint. For photos of the food and landscape, come on over here.


wheresmymind said...

mmm..prickly cactus lolli's sound fun!

Sylvia said...

Very intersting ,actually in those places the food never was good and always overprice. Anyway...the cactus lolli pops I never saw taste?