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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Food find: Denver is cool and tasty

Last week, Tim and I made a pit stop in Denver, Colo. It's a cool city, temperature and otherwise. We had to eat because I was famished, so we went to Marlowe's on 16th street, which is cool little place that leads up to the capitol building and has all kinds of shops. It's also a walker's paradise because the only traffic allowed through are the city's alternative fuel vehicles.
Anyhow, I picked Marlowe's primarily because I wanted to sit outside on their cute little terrace and do some people watching. Most of the crowd at the joint looked like professionals who just got out of work, but there were also some tourist types.
We both ordered pasta dishes: Tim got the Chipotle Chicken Alfredo (RIGHT) that had cosarecce pasta, roasted red peppers, garlic, spring onion and grilled chicken. I got the Malfalda Pasta (LEFT) that had sun dried tomato pesto, sweet garlic, capers and button mushrooms. Both dishes were really filling and beautiful. I liked the food because the plates offered pasta that wasn't spaghetti or the humdrum kind with innovative sauces. Also, the portions were not such that I walked out feeling stuffed and overindulgent. I think I liked Tim's dish better than my own, though. The Alfredo was smoky and orang-ish in color and the vegetables were still crisp.

Overall, a really great meal in an awesome city.

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