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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tasty Tucson Tours: Tucson Sidewinder

Tucson is known for baseball because it holds spring training for the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs train down the road in Mesa. I went to a Tucson Sidewinders game last week for fun -- it was $5 to get in and it was $1 hot dog night. This team is a AAA associated with the Diamondbacks.

When we drove up, we all laughed about how "packed" it was. We estimated there was 150 people there, but the announcer later told us there were 2,038 people in attendace (we think they counted people who have season passes).

First off, I am extremely peeved at this placed because they wouldn't let me bring in my nalgene bottle of water, which was complete with lemon slices and ice cubes. What else could it be other than water? Plus, it was 110 degrees and out crappy seats were in the sun. I later learned it was OK to bring sealed bottles of water in, but only one per person. Don't they know that 150,000 plastic bottles are thrown out in Tucson every day? Jerks.

Plus, the security guards didn't search anything else besides purses. If I really wanted to bring alcohol into that place, I easily could have, but I'm a good kid.

Then our seats were in the sun and we weren't allowed to move elsewhere, even though there were about 10,000 seats available.

The hot dog was fine. Nothing to write home about. It was essentially a plain ol' Oscar Meyer hot dog with a white-bread bun and ketchup.

I miss Chicago. Real baseball, real food.


Unknown said...

Yes its nothing to write home about but nonetheless a good time all around.

mindovermatt said...

While you'll find some good food in DC, you're going to have to wait til you get back to Chicago to experience real baseball again. Sounds like the Sidewinders could rival the Washington Nationals in terms of attendance--and probably skill, too.