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Friday, August 3, 2007

Cooking with Kelly: Icing help!

I'm still on the comfort food kick. I made cupcakes for my coworkers this week to say thanks for putting up with my hyper-emotional state this week. Something about two car accidents and getting yelled at by a jackass of a vice president of communication really got to me.

So I made these lemon cupcakes from a mix and tried to top them with piped cream cheese icing. I used a size 18 star tip. First, I think the tip was too small. Second, I think the icing had a poor consistency. It was just too soft to hold a shape. Maybe if I put the icing in the fridge first, it would have held up better, but in this case, the icing was so soft that it just ran off the cupcakes.

Does anyone have tips as to how to make my cupcakes look cute? I want to make little icing swirls on top.


Blagica said...

You know what'd be funny? Go to one o' those new local cupcake shops and 'spy':). I used to do that with pizzerias....though I forgot the throw and twirl process now. I was a dough-flipping rock star for a while.

Argus Lou said...

Hi, Kelly. Whip powdered sugar into 2 sticks of butter till you get the consistency you want.

Your iced cupcakes look delicious anyway. I'd love to have one. ;-) Try to take a closeup (macro setting) photo of one perfect-looking cupcake with a cross-sectioned one just slightly behind it. Remember to take away any background clutter. I enjoy photography; do you? ^_^ Jaden of Steamy Kitchen is such an inspiration and great talent, isn't she?

Hope your week has gotten better.

FH said...

Ooey gooey icing!! YUM!!

Look at the Mango Ice Cream here!:)

People St.Clair said...

Hope your weeks get beeter
i love cupcakes and these look delicious. My icing suggestion... I say try the frosting in the fridge first.

Unknown said...

I finally got an oven and I want to learn how bake cuppies!! And I want to learn how to make icing just like what you have described.

But your icing coated cuppies looks delicious too!!

Hope you are feeling better already. :)