Kelly the Culinarian: Food find: Baby Ben and Jerry's

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Food find: Baby Ben and Jerry's

I was in dire need of some comfort food today. My bad weekend translated into a worse week. On Tuesday, I got in another traffic accident during the monsoon rain. Again, no one was hurt, but my car didn't fair as well this time. You can see a photo here.

During the same time as my accident, many transformers and utility poles were damaged throughout the city because the storm was quite intense. The local power company is struggling to repair the damages and are asking us to use electricity judiciously this week as they work through it, but there's no real crisis at the moment. My boss wanted me to get a story for it that wouldn't be done and over with when we come out Monday, because the repairs are not supposed to last that long. This is the time when everyone and their uncle is running fans and AC, so a huge usage time and hence, a profitable time for the company. He wanted me to find out what the financial impact to the company would be because of this incident.

So I called the company's PR person. He was kind of curt on the phone and called my boss because he didn't want me to make the company look bad (his words, not mine). I called him again today and he flew off the handle. He told me he wanted nothing to do with the story. He added that if something detrimental about the company was printed in the paper, he'd call my boss about it again and make sure I was reprimanded. He said asking questions like that during a time of crisis was irresponsible and I was a "stupid, sophomoric amateur."

Jeez. I'm not sorry, I was just doing my job. Silly me, thinking he was going to do his job as the vice president of communications. I cried, which is the only part of this story I'm embarrassed about because he was the one acting unprofessional.

Anyhow, after feeling quite defeated by the PR guy and having my car looking like I've been through a demolition derby, I needed some comfort. I found these little gems in the grocery story and they did the trick. They're single servings of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, maybe about a cup total, and even have a little spoon in the lid. They didn't have my favorite flavor, chocolate therapy, but the fudge brownie served the same purpose. Don't worry, I only ate one, at 220 calories a pop. Who knows when I might have another bad day. I've been seeming to have a lot of them lately.

I'm still upset and I hope I never have to speak to this gentleman again, but at least my stomach is full of something yummy.


tigerfish said...

Hope you are feelin' better by the time you read this. The chocolate ice-cream will surely cool you down.

Choc fudge, java chip, choc chip, or just pure double dark choc suits me fine. I loveee chocolates!

Keren Brown said...

I didn't realize you had such a crappy week.
Funny how I feel like I know you after reading your blog.
Crying burns calories so the ice cream was probably burnt off.
220 calories, that's nothing!

david santos said...

Very good, Kelly, thank you.
Have a good weekend

A Mature Student said...

Hahaha, what will you do without Ben and Jerry's?? My daughter was hooked on it for a while but the price finally got to her.

I hope next week is better for you. Men....they can be horrible creatures sometimes! :P

FH said...

A single serving is great! I have a Ice Cream maker and Ben and Jerry's book,I love making these.Enjoy,great treat for Summer heat!:)
Check this post;

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Wow, 1 serving? I'm impressed you were able to show such restraint after such a miserable week. You rock! ;)