Kelly the Culinarian: Food find: eegee's subs and shakes

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Food find: eegee's subs and shakes

Everyone in Tucson raves about eegee's, a sandwich and shake chain based here in town. Many people have told me I simply must try it. My boss said their shakes, which are a bit like Slurpees, are the best part, but his favorite flavor is black raspberry and they chose not to feature it this August. The eatery has some standard shakes year round like lemon, strawberry and pina colada, then a featured shake each month. This month is tangerine breeze, last month was watermelon.

In fact, the eegeee's across the street from our office had a sign up last month "Now hiring/watermelon." It was a spacial thing our office found hilarious.

My other coworker said they also won an award for their french fries. The sandwiches are apparently nothing famous, but the fries and shakes are what keeps it on the map.

So I ordered a turkey sandwich, grinder style, which meant it came with seasoning and some kind of dressing. I also got the small fry and a strawberry shake. The whole meal cost about $7, which I thought was a bit pricey for what I got.

Let's go item by item: the sandwich was exactly like they told me -- nothing to write home about. In comparison to subway, the bread was a little more bland, but the lettuce on the sandwich was seasoned and tasty. It was topped with a peppercino, which I didn't eat. It was a standard sub sandwich.

Then there was the shake. I don't care what the locals say, I wasn't a big fan. It was like a slushie with chunks of fruit. It was so frozen that I couldn't use a straw on it, but I wouldn't want to eat it with a spoon because it was so sugary. I only finished half of it, very slowly, because it was so sugary.

The fries did live up to expectation. They were crispy, but not overcooked and still golden brown. There was just enough salt and I like this style of fries because they hold more ketchup, too.

Maybe I'll go back and try their "premium" fries, which come in ranch-style, chili cheese or pizza style. Their menu is quite extensive, so I'm sure I can find something else. I'm not sure I'll get the sandwich or shake again.


East Meets West Kitchen said...

I have been to eegee's sub, and I missed their shakes! Just hopped over and enjoyed your blog. :)

Cate said...

Mmmm, love crispy fries. They look delish.

LTodd said...

I never go to eegees. I hope by the time I move that I never have to

Marianne said...

Never heard of the place but it sounds like the kind of place I'd like to try! The fries look really good and the "premium" fries sound awesome. I don't know about a watermelon "shake". If I ever get out to Tucson, I'll be sure to give it a try.

CarleenAz said...

I live in Tucson and we go to Eegee's at least once a week.
However, I think you might mislead people when you refer to their Eegee's drink as a "shake." It has nothing to do with ice cream, which I think most people think it is when you refer to a shake, at least I do. It is more like a slushee or frozen fruit drink. It is made with very very small ice crystals and fruit, with fresh pieces of whatever fruit it is that you are eating in the drink. For example, a strawberry "Eegees" is a delicious red slushee-type drink with bits of strawberries in it. In fact, we are going there to get dinner tonight ;~} Our favorite is the turkey, ham and cheese (provolone) ~ yummy ! During the last week in February, they have a root beer Eegees that is sooooo good. Sometimes I will take my root beer Eegees and mix it with vanilla ice cream - Yum !

shanezgirl said...

Eegees is a big reason I moved back to Tucson ;-) I tried to eat there a minute ago but they were having a power outage :-( I don't really care for the drinks, except maybe in the summer. I only get the grinder style subs and I always dip them in their ranch dressing. I don't eat it without the ranch. Their fries are the best! Don't bother getting premium fries- it's just ranch(which you can get for free) with some bacon bits for an extra 50 cents+ I do think they are too pricey but so is Quiznos.