Kelly the Culinarian: Kitchen gadget: Electric pepper mill

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kitchen gadget: Electric pepper mill

The forum went well; thank you to everyone who wished me good luck. However, I've now pledged my undying disdain of ATA after spending 10 precious hours in the airport. I could have driven from Chicago to Washington in that time.

But because I'm guessing no one wants to hear about the two meals I ate at the airport, I'll skip right on to this awesome gadget my sister got me for my birthday, which is Friday. It's a battery-operated pepper mill by Crofton. It says it's also a salt grinder, but salt has a higher level of moisture than pepper. This causes corrosion on the interior of the mill, so unless you have ceramic fixings, chances are you'll be eating flakes of rust or plastic with your salt. I'll stick with the pepper, thanks.

But this is quite a nice little machine. It uses for AA batteries and is adjustable for different grain sizes of pepper. It allows for one-handed operation and yields consistently sized granules.
I love gadgets and this one is awesome.


daphne said...

Great to know the speech went well! =) that must be exciting for you!

The electric pepper mill looks cool and certainly handy to have-save u the trouble twisting and turning the old-fashioned stuff! hehehe.

Lady Gargle said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

And that is one nice pepper mill you got there :) Was looking for the same in IKEA but couldn't find one.

Tracy Tan said...

happy birthday kelly! and i also love a nicely designed pepper mill. a battery operated one sounds cool!

SteamyKitchen said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I know how you feel about airports.
Past 30 hours:
Shanghai => Beijing => LAX => Atlanta => Tampa

Swaruchy said...

10 hrs OMG ! I know how irksome that wud have been and this looks like a cool gadget girl.......Looks cute too.....So when's ur bday...?

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Yay! Happy Belated Birthday! And that is a mean pepper grinder. :)

FH said...

That is a great little gift for you, I would love to buy one. I love it!:))

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey, I'm a gadget (kitchen) junkie myself ! That's a seriously cool pepper mill.
Happy Birthday Kelly!

Cakespy said...

Right after I read this I saw it at Sur La Table! Pepper really does make everything better.

Am I bad for being curious about what you ate at the airport? I have such a fascination with airports and their eateries. The Seattle airport was just redone and I actually like to eat there. There I said it.

David Hall said...

Aaah, kitchen gadgets, as a man who cooks for a living I could get seriously messed up with them! But I stick to non-electric gadgets and my fave is my pestle and mortar. I can bash it all over the house and it still remains.