Kelly the Culinarian: Kitchen aid: Champagne dreams on a beer budget

Friday, December 28, 2007

Kitchen aid: Champagne dreams on a beer budget

It's almost New Year's, which brings a deluge of people to all kind of liquor emporiums to purchase a little sparkling wine for their home bound celebrations. Not all champagne is created equal, but it needn't be expensive. An article recently published in H&Ms magazine shed some light on the topic of champagne:

- It should be stored on the side to keep the cork from drying.

- Champagne should be served somewhere between 43 and 48 degrees. Whoever wrote this thinks it's better to serve it too cold rather than too warm and I have to agree.

- A good champagne glass should be narrow at the mouth and wider in the middle.

The author of this vignette says more expensive champagne is better than cheaper, but I tend to think otherwise. If you expand your horizon to sparkling wine, which can include domestic varieties, there are many more tasty options. You can always try Prosecco as well.

Travel safe and have a great new year!


Pak Zawi said...

For the new year please remember "Dont drink if your drive or dont drive if you drink". Some lives can be saved.
Happy New Year Kelly.

Dagny said...

I live in California. It's always about the sparkling wine. And some of them are made in partnership with French vintners.

stay-at-home mum said...

Happy New year. Unfortunately champagne prices have soared this year!!

KC said...

I recently heard the story of why it's illegal to label any wine Champagne if it is not from the region of the same name yet perfectly legal in the U.S. Apparently it came down to signing but not ratifying the Treaty of Versailles which contained the clause buried in it somewhere. Pretty crazy :-)

Hope you had a lovely New Years!