Kelly the Culinarian: Cruising with Kelly: Grand Turk

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cruising with Kelly: Grand Turk

The first stop on our lovely cruise was Grand Turk and it was quite the destination. After getting off the boat, you enter a corporate-created outdoor mall area with a man-made beach and a Margaritaville featuring the largest pool in the carribean. I'm not sure if I completely believe this, but whatever.

A cab to downtown costs $10 for two people. Don't expect a bustling urban area -- only 4,300 people live on this island anyhow. There's very little to see in the way of historical sites and there's really no shopping outside of the mall area except for souveniers.

After wandering around for a while, Tim and I found Smitty's Cafe, a little bungalo serving up lunch, sodas and conch fritters. That's right, like the shell.

Now I don't know much about Bahamanian treat, other than it was rather tasty. For $2, we received six nuggets of conch fritters. If you're interested in making these at home, I'm not sure where you can get conch meat, but good luck to you.

The meat was delicate and tasty and the breading rather spicy. Maybe it was all the pepper, but I swear my stomach was burning a bit when we were done. Either way, if you ever make it to Grand Turk, this dish can't be missed.


Laughing Warrior said...

The beach is not man made, It was always there. Carnival just arrive.

Laughing Warrior said...

The beach is natural, not man made. It was there since I was a child growing up on the island. we use to swim and fish there until someone thought it would be better for carnival and it guest.

Laughing Warrior said...

The beach is natural, not man made. I used to swim and fish there. Carnival actually did more harm then good