Kelly the Culinarian: Media meal: Every Day with Rachael Ray, March

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Media meal: Every Day with Rachael Ray, March

Did Rachael Ray suddenly start publishing every other week? I've barely finished savoring my last Everyday and now I have the March issue in my mailbox. But I love the recipes inside, so here's to March. Here's what you can expect inside:

  • Beauty products made with sushi ingredients

  • A garden centerpiece made by Vern Yip

  • A history of Chinese food in America

  • Court show hosts' favorite dishes (I had no idea there were so many of them. Yet Judge Judy isn't included. She's probably too big of a deal to do that.)

  • The best of frozen pizzas

  • A day in the food life of Vanessa Williams

  • Delicious pasta dishes, such as roasted potato penne

  • Dressed up take out recipes, such as Chinese five-spice chicken

  • A round up of the best toasters (my singing Winnie the Pooh model didn't make the cut)

  • Seafood gumbo made with canned tuna (sounds fishy ... I'm so punny)

  • One-pot recipes that sound amazing

  • A cute, no recipe twist on alphabet soup

  • Children's birthday party recipes

  • A recipe book for a chili-themed party

  • A travel log of Bermuda

  • The fridge of Susie Essman

And with that and the impending snow warning, you know what I'll be doing for the rest of the night -- settling in with my cookbooks and Every Day in head to toe fleece. I can't wait to go on vacation.

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