Kelly the Culinarian: What to do with snow?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What to do with snow?

Now that we've received a ridiculous amount of snow that undoubtably prevents me from leaving the house until tomorrow afternoon, I'm taking all baking and kitchen-related activity suggestions. The photo on the left is from Friday's snow storm in which I chilled some adult beverages in the snow ... this is called using one's resources.

I might misplace my mind at this point because I don't recall this many poor weather days in one week in recent history.

I heard at work that the last time it snowed like this was in 1979 and dump trucks loaded with snow were instructed to drive out onto frozen bodies of water around here and dump the snow in the middle. I don't think things are that dire yet, but who knows. The sound of snow blower in my neighborhood is just a steady, buzzing din.


Gloria Baker said...

ENJOY!!!Really I would like be with snow!!! Here is so hot this summer!! And when we have fresh air is a bliss!! Seriously you may cook, knitt, sleep etc. The spring is near Kelly!!!! Gloria

Larramie said...

Yikes, wait until that all starts melting!