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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Media meal: Top Chef restaurant wars

Alas, it did not disappear, it was just on hiatus.

So what's that they say about little girls ... "when she was good, she was very good. When she was bad, she was very naughty indeed."

The same can be said of the chef's restaurant creations.

The quickfire challenge was working the egg station at famed Chicago breakfast joint Mitchell's Antonia won that one.

So the teams paired off predictably, with Dale and Lisa of course ending up on the same side of the kitchen. Of course they got help from previously voted out chefs ... yawn. Mid challenge, Anthony Bourdain waltz in as well. Have to make sure everyone is paying attention.

Lisa and Dale's incongruity was so, so apparent in the food. Dale and Lisa's concept was Asian. It's true; Asian is all Dale cooks, and not even that well.

The other team, however, went with a high-end bistro. Their food sounded and looked fabulous. It got high marks from the judges and the patrons.

The Asian food, not so much. The judges didn't like the decor and the chefs themselves couldn't agree on the food. They argued over portion sizes and spices, so it's no wonder their food didn't go over well.

The bistro concept won, of course, and Stephanie took the top prize. Dale got the ax -- he was becoming more and more of a loose cannon and did a lot of what seemed like unnecessary yelling. Which brings me to the second point. If Lisa makes it to the final four, I'll be quite surprised. She's been in the bottom for the last two challenges and does not take criticism gracefully. I don't either, but I'm not a chef on a reality show.

The numbers are stacked; a woman might finally win Top Chef. Antonia and Stephanie are both kicking ass in the competitions, even more than the men.

The culinary world is a boys club, but I'm rooting for the ladies this season. They're just the better chefs in the group.

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