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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Media meal: Top Chef healthy lunch

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure Andrew is getting more nuts. For example, he wakes up in the morning and tells the camera that "I'm either going to stab someone today or make some really good food."

Hmmm. I don't know about that approach.

Tonight's challenges were all about creating healthy dishes. For the quick fire, they got 45 minutes(!) to create a healthful salad. Excessive in my opinion, but whatever. Spike won the quick fire, which for the elimination challenge, he got 10 extra minutes to shop and whatever he chose for his dishes, the other chefs could not use.

The challenge: Create a healthful lunch for Chicago's finest, the officers and cadets of the police academy. As Padma put it: protect their health and serve them something fabulous. I have respect for Chicagoland cops. It isn't easy to work crappy hours in a dangerous job, depending on where you are, and have ridiculous weather fluctuations.

Anyhoo, Spike choose chicken, lettuce, bread and tomatoes. Good strategy, way to screw everyone else.

Dale and Stephanie were the top pick tonight. Dale, predictable, made an Asian-inspired dish. Stephanie went with a really hardy soup that turned out well-seasoned, but Dale still won.

Andrew, in his frenzy, forgot to include a whole grain, a requirement. He also did sushi, which isn't exactly a hardy dish. I had it for lunch today, in fact, and I was hungry in three hours. Spike didn't use his ingredients well and the judges called his chicken salad "pedestrian." Ouch.

Lisa's whole-grain rice just wasn't cooked well, neither were the green beans or shrimp. Andrew freaked out after Lisa called him on not including a whole grain. Awkward.

The judges made clear that the decision was unanimous: Andrew was out.

And surprisingly, he didn't need a security escort.

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