Kelly the Culinarian: Top Chef: Wedding wars!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Top Chef: Wedding wars!

Apparently, this season they will not be doing the standard restaurant wars in which the chefs team off, start and stock and eatery and then get judged. Instead, the eight chefs split into teams to feed a wedding reception. First, the teams competed in a relay.

First, one person had to peel five oranges and turn them into segment. Next, peel two artichokes in the fancy manner. Then, scale and filet a monkfish (what an ugly, dinosaur-looking fish, by the way). Finally, the team had to create a quart of handmade mayonnaise without the assistance of a food processor. Dale got all pissy when his team lost. I'll get a pity party together just for him.

The winning team got to decide if they'd like to cater to the bride and her 125 guests or the groom and his 125 guests. They chose the bride, a very ambitious and risky move in my mind. The bride is usually quite discerning. Plus, this couple owns their own eatery and wedding venue. But no pressure or anything.

But the bride had easier foods in mind -- meat and potato type dishes, along with pizza. The also constructed a beautiful wedding cake that I was stunned at -- it's hard to make a cake that large overnight.

The groom's idea of his favorite food, Italian, didn't go over so well. The roasted veggies for the antipasta bar (cool idea) were not cooked well, the groom's cake may have tasted good but it was ugly and the bruschetta looked brutal.

The teams each got $5,000. For 250 people, that's not bad at all in Chicago. The bride's team won, putting the groom's team on the block. Dale told the judges he essentially did everything short of inventing the Internet. Apparently his whining and martyrdom helped, because instead, Nikki got eliminated for not taking more leadership.

I think she should have stayed over Dale -- he's just so persnickety and uncooperative. Also, is it just me, or is Andrew getting more odd? I guess editing can do anything.


Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

I love top chef!

Chibog in Chief said...

i love tv programs like this!! too bad we dont have it yet in france :-)you think i can search them in you tube???