Kelly the Culinarian: Container gardening with Kelly: Tomato update

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Container gardening with Kelly: Tomato update

My pursuit of homegrown food continues, successfully I must say too. We've had a ton of rain, but my containers are OK because I used sand and compost to improve drainage and fertilize naturally.

Now, the tomatoes are close to putting out something delicious. My baby tomatoes are fully grown but not yet red and I have several new buds developing into tasty treats.

I also have a grown sweet 100 plant that has many, many tomatoes developing but not yet red. Maybe next week I'll have a bounty of produce.

With that produce, I'll have basil and cilantro. Both are looking more like shrubbery than herbs, so I guess the rain is helping everything along.

I can barely decide what to make first, so I'm taking all suggestions!


Jen said...

Congrats on your tomato growth! Our plants are happy but we have no little 'maters as of yet.

wheresmymind said...

Those tomatoes make me wish I could grow something in my back yard other than crabgrass

Mere said...

A ton of rain!?? Here in the high desert of NM my tomatoes are relying on the ever ready hose, alas--though we await the monsoons, they don't usually get with it until July.

I am growing just two plants in two big plastic tubs made in Israel, snapped up at Walmart. Since the nights here are cool, in spring I started the first plant surrounded by a plastic gizmo filled with water.
Now that it's 90 plus in the day and high 50's a night, the blanket is off.And today I noted one mater inching its way towards red.