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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Food find: Texas de Brazil

A friend had some online deal, so we went as a group to Texas de Brazil, the most expensive all-you-can eat place I've ever been. Here's the set up: There's a very nice soup and salad bar that you have to go to and get what you want. The salad bar has things like Parmesan from the wheel, fresh baby mozzarella, imported olives, authentic prosciutto and imported cheese. The soup of the day this particular evening was a Lobster bisque.

Once you've had your fill of salad, they bring new plates and warm rolls that are doughy and cheesy in the middle. Every diner has a card -- when you turn it to green, various servers throughout the dining area will come around with giant skewers of assorted meats. A waiter also brings garlic mashed potatoes and cinnamon sugar bananas.

The types of meat you can try are seasoned filet mignon medallions, flank steak, Parmesan pork or chicken, petite lambchops, lamb segments and who know what else. I hear that the location in Miami also has seafood, but hell, this is the Midwest and we like our meat.

Everything was delicious and almost justified the ridiculous $50 per person we paid. The filet mignon was tender and the pork was moist. The garlic potatoes were nicely seasoned and I enjoyed the salad bar because I got to try different foods.

Now if only I had a picture ... thanks again, Best Buy, for the crappy service.

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Cris said...

Oh wow Kelly, you went to a traditional Brazilian steakhouse... these are expensive in the US, but not here, well some are... :-) it all depends on the chain and if local it is cheap. I bet they came to your table all the time if you had the green :-)