Kelly the Culinarian: Update on camera

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update on camera

It's Stand Mixer Sunday and I'd love to be writing a tantilizing post about this great pizza dough I've found, but alas, my camera is still in the shop thanks to Best Buy's incompetence. They're holding my camera hostage because I won't pay a ridiculous $35 shipping fee because the camera has been "damaged" in their opinion and the service plan doesn't cover it. The saga continues.


Cutie said...

Oh sorry to hear bout your camera. I also love pizza. wish you can share it. I also will be sharing mine sometime soon. Love making pizza as you can put as many ingredients as you want. heheh....

Christina Kim said...

What a shame about your camera:(
Now they should pay you - coz all the bloggers can view your photos:p

Cheer up though, who knows, there will always be a silver lining beneath that dark cloud:)

Have a great day yea!~