Kelly the Culinarian: Everyday with Rachael Ray: November

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Everyday with Rachael Ray: November

Brrr, it's starting to get chilly in Chicagoland and that means it's time for a new Rachael Ray. All sorts of goodies in November's issue:
  • Homemade guac recipe

  • A mini guide to Chicago going-ons

  • A review of milk frothers

  • A five-ingredient pork and fennel salad

  • Secret menu items (Especially important if you go to In-n-Out Burger)

  • A guide to getting stains from Thanksgiving dishes out of clothes

  • A taste-test of prepared dinner rolls

  • What Dakota Fanning eats (Who knew she was an adult?)

  • Fall side dishes -- the sweet potato custard looks tasty

  • A review of meat thermometers

  • Beef wellington that looks mighty impressive

  • Dinners for $10 or less (I don't think that's difficult to do)

  • A guide to different types of onions

  • 101 ways to make Thanksgiving easier

  • Inventive twists on on Turkey day sides

  • Thanksgiving in 60 minutes (no word on the budget, but a complete shopping list is attached along with tools needed)

  • Italian favorites, including the basics of homemade pasta

  • Hosting an Election Day party

  • Stuffed mushroom options such as Caesar salad, creamed spinach and cheeseburger

  • Idyllic inns that serve up fall favorites

  • Whistler, Canada activities

  • What's in Trisha Yearwood's fridge

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