Kelly the Culinarian: September Savings Day 11: Offer feedback

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September Savings Day 11: Offer feedback

Whether you loved the service you received or it was so-so, it’s always a good idea to offer feedback. When a manager asks us at a restaurant “How’s everything?,” I make sure to give kudos to the wait staff when due. Likewise, if the order wasn’t right, say something! You will at the very least end up with what you ordered.

Whether you have something nice to say about an establishment or a critique, it pays to spend a few minutes to fill out a form or send out an e-mail to their customer service rep.

And if you love a product, e-mail the manufacturer and ask for a sample or coupons. I regularly get coupons for dog food by letting the manufacturer know my dog loves their food.

I recently got a $10 gift certificate from Maggiano’s after filling out their survey. Likewise, I also complained to Buono Beef a few months ago because I found a piece of sharp plastic in a salad. I never heard back from them and haven’t been back since, so it’s hit and miss.

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