Kelly the Culinarian: September Savings Day Eight: Plan Your Gift Giving

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Savings Day Eight: Plan Your Gift Giving

Christmas and birthdays come around on the same day every year. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Keep in mind upcoming gift-giving occasions and be on the look out for suitable items.

Since Halloween isn’t far away, I purchase many, many boxes of the nice 24-count of crayola crayons when they were $.15 a piece during the back to school sales. Kids get oodles of candy at this time of year and I know some parents won’t let them eat it all. I’m going to put Halloween stickers on the crayons and give them to our trick-or-treaters. I’ll let you know if my house gets egged.

Christmas is another holiday I plan for far in advanced. Like year in advanced. Hit up the Dec. 26 sales for discount wrapping, gift sets and decorations. Throughout the year, I pick up items on clearance or at a discount and stash them away. It leads to less stress around the holidays and fewer last-minute expenses for forgotten gifts. And we've already learned that holiday tins and wrapping paper is great stuff to pickup at Goodwill. Often, you can find some great items that have never been opened for kids, such as puzzles and games. These are great items to donate around Christmas time.

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