Kelly the Culinarian: September Savings Day Four: Tame Your Demons

Friday, September 4, 2009

September Savings Day Four: Tame Your Demons

Smoking and drinking not only are unhealthy, but they’re really costly. Illinois just increased the taxes on booze, so you’ll be paying more for each drink (unless you stockpiled the day before the taxes took effect like we did. With rebates a coupons, just $5.33 a bottle for liquor!). And smoking has always been expensive. It will also raise the premiums on your life insurance and cost you more in health care costs through the course of your lifetime. If you can’t bring yourself to quit, seek moderation.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this note on smoking. It is an important topic. Thanks also for focusing on the timely issue of financial savings. However, I do think your comment that "goals are dreams with deadlines" is really really corny and ought not be used again on the blog. Anyway, cool blog, keep up the good work.