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Monday, April 18, 2011

Food Find: Eggstacy

Brunch is probably my favorite meal. You can get either breakfast or lunch (or both) and it makes it completely acceptable to drink before noon.

My friend Jackie is also a fan of brunch. When we decided to meet up for a weekend treat, she suggested Eggstacy in Oakbrook Terrace. After reading the stellar reviews on Yelp, we thought this was a sure thing. Plus, a place that serves chocolate-covered bacon and make awesome egg puns (We bEGG to differ, Bringing sEGGxy back), you can't go wrong.

When I arrived I was immediately struck with how adorable this place was. The decor is decidedly bright -- orange vinyl couches, yellow end tables, yellow walls and light fixtures made with fake oranges. The walls are also covered with oversized picture-frame shelves with roosters painted yellow. This place is certainly trying to make me feel better about mornings.

And the food was also awesome. I started with a fantasia smoothie, which included strawberries, honeydew and O.J. Totally fab and generous portion size. Jackie ordered the omelette with carmelized pear, cinnamon and cream cheese. Our waitress said she hadn't eaten it and had never seen anyone order this dish, and that's a shame because it was delicious. As Jackie told me, it was a happy medium between getting an egg dish and French toast, so you get the best of both worlds.

I got two poached eggs with fruit, turkey sausage and pancakes. So it wasn't entirely healthy, but all things in moderation, right? The eggs were fine, the fruit was fresh and the turkey sausage was nicely seasoned. On a tangent, why do breakfast places always have turkey sausage but never turkey bacon? Anyhow, the pancakes were to amazing. They were perfectly cooked -- tender in the middle, brown on the edges and layered with flavor. In addition to the great texture, I detected a hint of spice in these pancakes. It might have been allspice or cinnamon, but it was great. And they don't scrimp with cheap syrup, either.

I give this place a resounding two thumbs up and will definitely get out there again!

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