Kelly the Culinarian: Restaurant review: Wilde Bar and Restuarant in Lakeview

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Restaurant review: Wilde Bar and Restuarant in Lakeview

I don't get to the city very often, but my sister does live there. We recently stopped to have lunch in Lakeview, and our picking were very slim because it happened to be Easter. Even worse, we missed brunch by two minutes. Seriously?!

So we stumbled into Wilde Bar and Restaurant and grumbled about the lack of pancakes in our future. And how that was totally lame. Anyhow, this Irish pub and eatery is very cute, but a little dark on the inside given all the dark wood and stained glass fixtures and quite noisy.

We started our meal like all great Irish meals ... with booze. And just because we missed their famed brunch, we had to settle for brunch drinks. My sister got a mimosa, I got something called a greyhound -- it was grapefruit juice with vodka. I wasn't a huge fan, but for $6, I was finishing the damn thing. Next, our waiter brought out a plate of muffins. We devoured them before anyone told us what they were, and even when I asked, the server told me they were muffins. Very helpful. Whatever they were called, they were delicious and the kid sister and I both decided they tasted like fruit loops, but in a good way.
Together, we split and Angus burger with Irish cheddar, sweet potato fries and their house macaroni and cheese, which included thick-cut bacon chunks, a white cheddar sauce, tomatoes and caramelized onions.

The verdict? Very generous portions of delicious comfort food hit the spot, but the slow service left something to be desired. We got the appetizer-sized mac and cheese and it was huge and soooo good. The sauce was downright velvety and the onions were very sweet. The tomatoes were an unexpected touch and added great texture. The burger was a bit bland and I was disappointed with the Irish cheddar (I should have ordered a sharper cheese), but I really enjoyed the fries. It was quite pricey, ringing it at more than $50 for lunch, and it's not like we ordered the lobster. It was extra for the sweet potato fries and extra for the Irish cheddar. It's my own fault for ordering a $6 cocktail before 5 p.m.

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