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Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's Snowing ...

And I hate it. Despite living in Illinois for 15 years, I have never adjusted to winter. I don't like winter sports, except for maybe ice skating, but that's mostly because I like the hot cocoa after.

I was supposed to go for a run with a triathlon training group, but it was a canceled because the coordinator had an emergency. I was only sad about this because Maggie sent me a fuelbelt water bottle on Friday. I donated to her American Cancer Foundation page and subsequently won her raffle. I was excited to use this -- it's perfect because it has a little pocket for your gels and another for your keys. I guess it shall have to wait for another day.

So instead of wallowing in the white stuff that's falling from the sky, we're picking up and heading north to the Wisconsin Dells. My mom will be watching Napoleon (she says she doesn't like dogs, but I think she loves my dog) and we will be frolicking in a water park and enjoying drinks and food included at Chula Vista. I'm not sure what to expect, but you can't really screw up open bar, so I'll report back more on the topic tomorrow!

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