Kelly the Culinarian: New Year's Resolution Planning

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Year's Resolution Planning

Have you started thinking about 2012? The world is supposedly going to end next year, so this is the year to give your goals all you've got. I'm diligently working on my New Year resolutions, goals and projects and am looking forward to sharing them later this weekend.

I find it easiest to think about what I've liked and am happy about in the last year and where I feel I have room to grow. I've accomplished a ton in 2011 - including running my first 10K, 5 miler, 11.5-mile race and half marathon. I also took on an awesome project by becoming the Director of Ambassador Outreach for the Fort2Base Race. I'm ready to use these as a great springboard for an even better 2012.

Don't wait until you're two champagnes into New Year's Eve. Get out a piece of paper and get started with planning SMART goals.

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