Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Subtitle: A fast way to blog when you lack creativity.
1. Tim booked a getaway for us in the Wisconsin Dells that I'm obscenely excited about. I really have no idea how Chula Vista Resort makes any money on this deal. I've never to this particular resort, and we haven't been to the Dells since December of 2007. We went to Kalahari right after I wrapped up my graduate degree at Northwestern and got stuck in a terrible snow storm. Blast from the past: My brother in law tied the knot in the Dells, which was my first visit there (like seven years ago, I think?).

I still own this dress, which I also wore at a high school awards banquet. Don't judge.

2. Is anyone else kind of annoyed at the branding for the IronGirl races? Ironman is all about being a badass, pushing yourself to the max, finding your inner strength, etc. IronGirl is about empowerment, community and healthy living. Why isn't it IronWoman? I don't see an IronBoy event. Just look at the differences in the IronGirl and Ironman YouTube channels. I appreciate that they're making the sport more accessible to women; however, you're a badass whether you finish a women's-only or coed event.
3. I really want to go ice skating. There's an outdoor rink nearby that's free, except for skate rental. Good thing I have my own skates ... that haven't been used in years. I hope we can make it out there this weekend before it gets skin-shattering cold in the Midwest.


Maggie W said...

Ugh. IronGirl looks like something you are supposed to wear a running skirt to. Like, it's a fun event to do with your girlfriends, but not a REAL race for real athletes. (I kind of hate on running skirts.)

Teamarcia said...

I never thought about the IronGirl VS ironman distinction. you're right though, they are both completely badass.
Yay for skating!