Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: Insanity Day 25

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Training Tuesday: Insanity Day 25

I've gotten behind on my Insanity workouts this month because of my various medical maladies. I took two days off when I had the flu/stomach bug, which was my most recent issue. So right now, I'm in the recovery week. I plan to stay here until Jan. 2, then move onto the second month of workouts.

I tried out my Garmin Forerunner 405 for the first time in this workout. Because I didn't travel any distance, it didn't calculate calories burned. It was interesting to see my heart rate. I highly doubt my heart rate reached 227, but I'm sure that it will work itself out the next time I use it. Any tips for getting calories burned for indoor workouts?

Napoleon's Christmas toy is in here because he thought I was sitting on the floor to play with him.
This morning, I weighed 126.6, mostly because of the stomach issues. I have high hopes of reaching my 124 goal in the new year, but Training Tuesday is also Taco Bell Tuesday, which I simply cannot/will not say no to. My goal is to get lean this winter prior to beginning summer race training. The more I can lose now, the easier it will be on my joints and the lighter I'll be on my feet. Also, it's hard for me to lose weight while getting ready for a race because long runs revs up my hunger big time. I can't skimp on calories when I'm going to run for two hours because then I just start thinking about all the things I could be eating and where I could stop and eat. All that thinking about food makes it hard for me to find my inner zen and prepare for the race mentally.


Maggie W said...

When I first got my Garmin, the HR was always crazy at the start of a run and then leveled out. However, I found wearing the strap higher helped get what I think is a more accurate reading. I used to put on my sports bra, then put on my HR strap so it was below my bra. Now I tuck the strap so it is underneath the bottom band of my sports bra.

I think if you turn on the watch like you are going to go for a run, and while it is trying to locate satellites, just hit the bezel (so it goes to the stopwatch screen), and hit start to time your workout, it'll track your calories. I keep meaning to wear my Garmin + HR strap during spin class. I'm really curious what my HR is like.

Kirsten Korosec said...

We have the same watch!