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Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashion Friday

What a wonderful week! I'm glad it's Friday because I have a super fun event going on tonight.
Hey, it's a different bathroom! I was off site for a meeting. This is a dress my mom gave me paired with an elastic belt from another outfit and one of the necklaces my mom gave me from Sears. Alas, the dress is destined for the thrift store. It's adorable, but just too big. The belt helps, but it's not a cure. I'm also rocking a bracelet my Mom gave me for Christmas that's engraved on the inside that says "When I count my blessings, I count you twice."

This is the same $.33 top I wore for St. Patrick's Day, along with a high-wasted skirt from the petite section of JCPenney. It has a built in belt and is very Mad Men-eque. Another necklace from mom, too.

Why hello, $.33 dress shirt, you look mighty fine. Paired with a $1.49 scarf from Goodwill and Banana Republic pants. I tied the scarf like a men's tie and I think it works for this outfit.

Today's outfit includes khakis from Ann Taylor Loft via the thrift store. They're a size eight and stretched out during the day, so they didn't fit as well as I assumed. Paired with a logowear dress shirt from work and a hand-me-down (or up?) sweater from my sister, Mandy.

I'm really excited because I'm going to a clothing swap tonight! That means all of these clothes are finding a new home and I'll be bringing home some new goodies for free. These all don't fit me, which is great. Interesting fact: Here are some khakis from a few months ago versus the ones I'm wore today in the photo above (which are still too big). The ones on the bottom are going to the clothing swap!

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Kim said...

I like that dress in the top pic! It does not look too big in the pic, but maybe it is in person? I like the orange top in the third pic! Not digging the too big pants, as I am sure you were not either! Pants are tricky!!!

Hope you had fun at the swap and found some good stuff!!!