Kelly the Culinarian: Fashion Friday

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashion Friday

Another week, another outfit missing. Meh. Here's most of what I wore this week.
Khaki dress and scarf from Goodwill, cardigan from Nordstrom Rack and shoes from the clothing swap.
Pants from the Banana Republic outlet, sweater from The Limited via the clothing swap. Necklace from my mom.
Necklace from my mom, red pumps from when I was a bridesmaid for Alissa, dress from the clothing swap and belt from Forever 21. I'm unsure about this dress ... it's a little '80s for me.
Skirt from Banana Republic, Lands' End cardigan from Sears (thanks, mom) and white dress shirt from H&M. The work clothes there suck, but I was stuck in New York last year without a dress shirt and needed the cheapest, closest option.


Kim said...

I was going to say, I like the black dress the best! :)

Czesia said...

I love them all! The black dress especially! You looked very well put together!

Erin said...

The scarf with the khaki dress is fun! Also, the black dress photographs well and fits you very well but I know what you mean about feeling kind of 80s.

Unknown said...

My old shoes!

KellytheCulinarian said...

We really should just swap clothes between each other. I'm pretty sure I saw on your blog that you wore my khakis last week. It's a match made in clothing heaven!