Kelly the Culinarian: Sick ... Again

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sick ... Again

I'm not sure if I ate something bad or caught the flu AGAIN, but the last 24 hours have been unpleasant. I actually left work a half hour early yesterday (not how I roll at all), and tucked myself into bed immediately.  I was running a fever and my stomach was killing me.  My stomach still feels funky today, but oddly, only when I move. I got a flu shot this year for the first time, and have had the sickest year of my life. Thanks, modern medicine.

So today, I took it easy, but Napoleon had a grooming appointment.  He's a very pretty boy now.

Yep, really excited
While he was at the groomer, I continued my tour of gyms that are included with my nationwide membership. The location near his groomer is the nicest I've been to so far. The locker room was new and clean, the layout was spacious and airy and I had the pool almost entirely to myself. I swam the distance I'll have to complete for my triathlon, then alternated between 100 yards of a drill and 100 yard sprints. It worked out pretty well.

I was scheduled to do a 45-minute run, but I could only complete one mile before my stomach reminded me that I'm still ill. I went back into the gym and did the rowing machine instead, which was harder than I expected. I'll have to visit that machine more often to help augment the muscles I use while swimming. Tim and I also took a short bike ride, but the motion did not agree with my tummy.

One thing that did agree with me was winning a contest Kim hosted. I scored an underarmor running shirt and it is adorable! It's almost too cute to run in, actually. The back says "Rain. Snow. Sleet. Wind. Brave the Run."

Right now, I think I'm going to celebrate by braving the nap. Better luck tomorrow.


Kim said...

The shirts looks great on you!

I hope you are feeling better today. You must be... I saw some frickin' speedy splits from you on FB!

Napoleon! You are too cute! Do you think you will go back to that gym by the groomers most often?

KellytheCulinarian said...

I like that gym so much that if I get the chance to get back there, I certainly will. It was downright tranquil!

And thanks again for the shirt, it's way cute.