Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Training Tuesday

Napoleon belongs in the emergency bag
I'm in the midst of my third week of training for my first triathlon. I think everything is going well, and I appreciate the required cross training of doing all the sports on different days, for different lengths of time and in different orders. This morning, I did a 20-minute run followed by a 30-minute swim. I can't say I loved every second, but it was a great change of pace. I keep my training schedule at my desk and take great pleasure in checking off each day.

Here's my current challenge: I can't seem to remember all the things I need for three sports, plus work clothes, plus all my little mini meals for the day. Example: yesterday, I forgot shoes to wear for work. Today, I forgot underwear. I'm a hot mess.

My solution for this is my Oh Shit Bag. As in, Oh Shit, I forgot socks. Or Oh Shit, I forgot a bra. Here's hoping that with a solid stock pile of all the odds and ends I seem to forget, I'll have less days that start with a run to CVS or a "Can someone tell I'm not wearing a bra with this?" internal speak. I've stowed it in my car for safe keeping and hope it will make mornings a bit less stressful.

I'm still working on getting my ridiculous hunger under control, though, which is problematic. While I'm guessing my training helps me burn about an extra 1,000 calories per day, maybe more on the days I work out twice, I shouldn't feel like that gives me license to eat what I want. Otherwise, I'll pay for it in decreased performance or increased weight. For every action, there's an equal reaction.

This week's mantra: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


Ginger Foxxx said...

I for one, on multiple occasions have forgotten underwear and ended up with like three pairs of socks. If only these things were interchangeable....

TX Runner Mom said...

I like your Oh Shit Bag! Very good idea. I've forgotten shoes once and I had to wear my running shoes until I could run to payless for a cheap pair of heels. The one time I forgot my bra, I was somewhere where I had to drive past my house to get to work (sort of), so I was able to go home. That's never a good feeling, though!

Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

I keep a seperate bag for each discipline that I keep stocked with "extra" stuff; however, when the workouts overlap or are back to back then I end up using stuff out of 2 bags. PAIN but it works out "most" of the time.

Kim said...

That is such a great idea! It would be hard to remember every single thing. Tuesday night I forgot a fresh bra to change in to for dinner after my run. Oops.

Thanks for keeping us updated on the food consumption part of training. That is hard for me too.

Erin said...

Now you just have to remember to restock the "oh shit" bag when you use something out of it!

I once brought three tops and no pants for my lunch time workout. Yeah, that wasn't going to work!