Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Training Tuesday

Scary thought: I'm roughly half way through my triathlon training program. I feel strong, prepared and fast, but I also still feel mildly hungry, always. I've completed a number of brick workouts, which I'm really enjoying. Sunday morning, Tim dropped me off at the gym where I swam for 30 minutes, then completed the five(ish) mile run home in about 45 minutes. Today, I did a 45-minute bike ride (which I have no clue the stats for, damn Garmin didn't lock onto the satellite), followed by a 10-minute run where I tried to encourage my brick-like legs to move faster.  I finished a mile in 7:51, which I'm really happy about. Rachael asked me if I'm enjoying this more than distance running, and I daresay I am. I like doing something different every day.

Now that I'm just more than a month away from the triathlon, I'm spending a good amount of time visualizing the race. There's been a ton written about the power of affirmations and visualization, and in Kara Goucher's book, she writes about how she mentally repeats the word "fighter," when she's running. Running and triathlon are mental sports - I know my body can do the work, I just need to concentrate on not letting self-defeating thoughts get to me.

This week's mantra: my body has the ability, my mind has the will.

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Erin said...

Following your training is so inspiring!

Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

You are going to love race day. :o)

Kim said...

Visualization is so so so so helpful! IMO :)

I love that you are liking this more than distance running! So many people think you have to be a distance runner to matter. You just don't!!! Sorry. Mini rant. Ha ha.