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Monday, April 16, 2012

You're Not Going to Find it Here ...

Today's top search term to my blog is "hot thin sexy asian legs." It redirects the hapless searcher to this photo.
Sorry, buddy. While Napoleon does have some great legs, he's not Asian. And probably not what you're looking for, either.

Other fun searches that bring people here:
  • "taco bell oreo brownie" Do tell me more ... if it exists, I want two.
  • "naf naf grill nutrition info" Naf Naf has delicious food, but I'm guessing it's not all that healthy. 
  • "coffee and flowers and breakfast with pita bread hummus and falafel mages" Sounds complicated. Invite me, please.
  • "rachael ray lose 47 pounds" Good for her.
  • "21st birthday taco bell sauce costume" Excellent. We should be friends, searcher.
  • "a picture of the inside of an airplane bathroom" Gross. I do love a good bathroom self portrait, though.
  • "baby cupcake costume" Cute! I bet that's adorable.
  • "borrowed awesome boots" I own my boots and they are awesome, thanks for noticing.
  • "braless office" Oops.
  • "homemade dr scholls" Uh, weird.
  • "how many calories in white castle fudge cheesecake" We got these free on Valentine's Day and I'm guessing it was just one of many not-healthy food choices I made that day.
  • "is a black eye hot" Probably not.
  • "miller lite 5K" I will run for beer.

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Czesia said...

HAHAHA! One of my biggest blog searches was "little slut" and I was talking about my little puppy too HAAHAHAH!