Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: A Public Opinion Poll on My Injury

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Training Tuesday: A Public Opinion Poll on My Injury

The one on the right don't feel right
After Amanda's heartbreaking injury this weekend, I'm taking my body's signals a little more seriously. After my PR at the Cosley Zoo 10K on Saturday, I stopped at the chiropractic booth and mentioned one of my injuries. I was feeling pretty excited, mostly because my time for the 10K puts me on track to a four-hour marathon finish, according to the McMillan Calculator. Actually, it says I could do a 3:55 marathon, but let's not get too crazy.

But, my right ankle was bothering me. There's a tightness that doesn't go away. After the guy there suggested following up, I made an appointment for an injury consultation at Fleet Feet Sports in Elmhurst.

The chiropractor I saw there was very thorough and quickly identified a few weaknesses. It appears as though one side of my ankle is lacking, so all of my muscles are compensating as a result. He wants me to come into his office for X-rays and a consultation.  But he also wants me to rest for six weeks.

I'm torn on this, because I want to be proactive before a pain becomes an injury. However, it's not bothering me enough to not run. And I'm also suspicious by nature and realize doctors have to make some money, too. I made a follow-up appointment, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it.

I'm doing a 5K this weekend because I won a free entry, but if I have to take it slow, I'm OK with that, too.

What do you think, should I be taking this as seriously as the chiropractor is? If so, should I skip the chiropractor and go straight to an orthopedist?

In exchange for your thoughts, let me share the video that made Napoleon lose his little puppy mind tonight:


Erin said...

I would go to a sports medicine doctor. I can recommend several if you want. Both are in the city, though.

I've found that many chiros are overly cautious and don't know much about running "injuries" or aches and pains. The sports medicine docs, however, want to get you back to running ASAP and will give you a pain scale to run by.

Kim said...

Ditto what Erin said. Although it doesn't sound like it is affecting you that much, so maybe a day or two off would suffice.