Kelly the Culinarian: I need a break

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I need a break

This post is raw and profane. No apologies, just a warning.

After my second lackluster run in less than two weeks, I've decided to take a self-prescribed running break. My toe hurts, and Tim suggested taking a few days off when I complained mentioned it to him last night. At the time, I ignored him. Now, I realized he is very wise.

I couldn't even get through two miles at race pace tonight before slowing down and resolving myself to whatever pace I could muster. I've been using my runs in the same way a lot of people use food, channeling every emotion I have into the pavement. In theory, it's a healthy way to deal with stress. In reality, it's making for some raw, heavy runs.

I just kept thinking about how easy it was to run five miles at an 8:40 pace with MacKenna a few months ago while still maintaining a conversation. I couldn't come close to that today in my seven-mile pace run with focusing all my efforts on the run.

The truth is, this shit is not fun for me right now.

I don't really want to be contemplating whether vaseline is a suitable substitute for body glide or what nail polish color will best obscure my not-work appropriate, about to fall off toenail.

Nor do I want to be having "strawberry" muscle milk for dinner tonight, again. This does not taste like strawberry or milk, people.

All I really want to do is eat chocolate and not get fat.

Old photo, but I own this fountain

My training plan calls for a four-mile run tomorrow and a half-marathon Sunday.  I'm taking a break until at least Monday. If I have a sunnier outlook, I'll tackle the 13.1 miles then. Right now, the mere thought makes me want to cry.

Anyone else been here? I'm thinking after a few days of taking it easy, I'll be in a better mental and physical place. Also, I'm going to go see a sports medicine/podiatrist/orthopedist something for my foot. This is ridiculous to still be in pain on one side and losing a toenail on the other.


LTodd said...

Absolutely. Tonight even. Our bodies get tired and need a break. I share the same fear about getting fat if I miss one workout, and it takes a good man to talk down the crazy.

Rest up. Have a piece of chocolate. And your run on Sunday will be awesome.

Running Diva Mom said...

Hey Kelly! You won the Heatbreaker half marathon race entry on my blog ... congrats! Please email me your contact information at running diva mom at yahoo dot com. THANKS!

bobbi said...

YES! Take a few days off! Or ignore any prescribed paces (which are so stinking tough for me in this weather). It's the time of year (for me anyhow) - I just said to my friend Chris tonight that I feel burnt out this time of year every year. It just isn't fun right now...

Hope your toe is feeling better. And I hope that your outlook is better after a break :)

Unknown said...

If your mind AND body (and husband) are telling you that you need a break, then definitely listen to all three and take a break. A few days off won't break your marathon. This is supposed to be fun. We're not getting paid for it. So listen to yourself and take a break. And eat some chocolate. You will not get fat :)

Kim said...

Taking some time off is a great idea! Especially if toe hurts so much. Do you think you have any signs of overtraining?

And you can ignore this, but don't stress about pace for your first marathon. Especially in the heat we've been having. I know it's "cooler" now and we all expect to be able to run faster, but the truth is, everyone runs slower when it gets hotter. What's the ratio? Something ridic like 30 secs per mile for every 5 degrees? That pace will feel easy again in the fall. Right now, trying to hit it is not going to be as easy, even though you are running more. imho ;)

KellytheCulinarian said...

I definitely feel like I could be over training. I need to take my resting heart rate and see what's up.