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Friday, July 13, 2012

Then and Now

My my, how things change.  Just for fun, I put together these photos.
I think I've improved myself in the past few years through exercise, better nutrition and positive relationships. My journey from couch potato to amateur endurance athlete has been long, but I'm looking forward to achieving my goals and completing the Ironman triathlon in a few years, even if I am taking a few days off from running to recharge my batteries.

One thing that hasn't change throughout the years is my need for glasses. I got glasses in high school and started wearing them all the time early in college. At the end of college, I got contacts, which I wear most days. However, I was due for a new backup pair and made my second order with Zenni Optical. Glasses there start at $6 and are easy to order, provided you know your prescription and pupillary distance. I snagged myself two pairs of awesome glasses for $25 with shipping and they made it here in about a week.
My favorite, the black frames for $12.95  
And a still stellar purple pair for $6.95
My PSA for the day: What do you do with your old eyeglasses? The nonprofit I work for and am a member of collects used eyeglasses, recycles them and sends them to people in need. It's easy to find a place to donate your glasses, or just give them to me at the next Chicago Running Blogger Meetup at Venus de Miles.

Neither Zenni Optical nor my employer asked me to write this post, and my opinions do not reflect that of my employer. Just thought I'd share some tips!


Unknown said...

You look amazing! :) Also I love those purple frames. Do you just ask your eye doc for your prescription and then order the other pairs on your own?

KellytheCulinarian said...

Thanks! You're entitled to a copy of your prescription. When I get my eyes tested each year, I'll order contacts, which has your prescription on the box. You may have to ask what your pupillary distance is, but that doesn't change. I just find it too pricey to buy both the glasses and contacts otherwise.

Xaarlin said...

You look great! :)