Kelly the Culinarian: Training Tuesday: A Two-fer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Training Tuesday: A Two-fer

Belle lives in my car now
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I'm simultaneously training for two events - the Venus de Miles 60-mile bike ride this month and the Fox Valley Marathon Sept. 16. This means a lot of miles.  While Venus is technically a ride and not a race, it still requires some training because my ass needs to get used to being in the saddle for four hours at a time. Belle the bike and I are getting to spend a lot of time together.
Storm eminent

Two weeks ago, MacKenna and I set out for a 40-mile training ride starting at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. It was lovely and we were having a good time, but had no clue where we were going. At mile 25, MacKenna checked the directions on her phone. Turns out, we were 25 miles away from the cars. It was fun until about the last 10 miles. Then, it was quite literally a pain in the butt. We ended our ride mere minutes before a downpour.

This week, we met up with Jenny and biked the eastern half of the Venus course, which was gorgeous and slightly more hilly than our previous ride.  We saw horses and classic cars, along with a triathlon that we accidentally crashed near Lake Zurich.

In terms of running, I've had a few lows during the past two weeks.  My 14-mile run was terrible, but the 15-mile run was tolerable. My toes have been bothering me, so I went back to the shoe store that I bought my last pair of running shoes to see what I'm doing wrong. Two of my toes have callouses and I'm fairly certain I'll lose a toenail as a result. The salesperson told me my socks were terrible and probably the cause (cotton is rotten when it comes to socks, apparently). So I sucked it up and bought $11 socks. And while I was there, I might as well check out the clearance bin ... and hello ugly as sin Asics, you can come home with me.  And that, friends, is how you reach the $200 Dick Pond customer rewards threshold in a year. 
Jackie and me
Me and Rachael
Finally, you might have noticed in my race schedule that I signed up for another race. Rachael, Jackie and I are traveling up north to complete the Zooma half marathon.  Last year, Rachael and I went to Kentucky around the same weekend to do the Big Hit Half Marathon, so we figured we'd repeat it again this year in a new destination. It's a ladies-only race that rewards necklaces instead of medals and champagne at the finish line, so it sounds like it's right up my alley. Plus, some of my best blogging buddies are running it as ambassadors, so it should be an awesome time.


Unknown said...

Wow a 60 mile bike ride sounds intense but it will be very rewarding to complete it! Good luck on your training!

Also, serious question - how do you know if you're gonna lose a toenail? I'm secretly so afraid of losing one of mine (it's a little dark) and am not sure if I should be worried or not.

KellytheCulinarian said...

I'm not positive I will lose it, but I won't be surprised if there's a toenail in my shoe anytime soon. It's very sensitive and red with a pretty pronounced bruise under the nail. Who knows, maybe my toes just need to toughen up.

Erin said...

Ahh, the first toenail casualty is almost upon you! Seriously, though, It's not unusual to lose one (or two or three) when marathon training. They hurt for a few days and then they're fine.

The best places to buy running socks? Target, Nordstrom Rack or Kohl's.

KellytheCulinarian said...

I need to get on that. I meant to check and see if Costco had running socks, because I might as well start buying them in bulk.

Kim said...

So happy you were not stuck in the rain on that long ride! Erin and I thought that might happen to us last Saturday... I think we were both happy it didn't.

I have lost a few toenails when they get bruised under. The most recent one was a few weeks ago. It wasn't from running though! It was from me accidentally kicking Steven!

I am happy that you and your girlfriends are doing another destination race! :)