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Monday, July 2, 2012

Translation funnies

In honor of my recent travels, I present you with some awesome signage I saw that might need more explanation.
"Feeling good? Everyone's shouting black music!" 
"Come back teen age"
"A sweet cheer for you. It makes you feel better."   
"Here, have some coffee. That will perk you up play." 
"I go to the mountain because I like mountain."

"A delightful healthy snack of fresh vacuum frying potato loaded with good nutrients."

"Give you a secret cleavage"

A final item that I can't take a decent photo of is a bath sponge that was in my hotel room. The instructions at the bottom of the package instructed not to scrub too hard or else you'll scrub off your skin. It ended with a stern warning: "You had better use body shampoo with this sponge."

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Erin said...

Heck, I have secret cleavage. It's so secret no one can see it.