Kelly the Culinarian: A Great Day for a Game

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Great Day for a Game

After the trauma of getting a shot in my foot, I took Friday off and Tim and I went to a movie. We saw Looper.  Anyone want to discuss the movie in the comment section so as to not ruin it for anyone else?

This morning, we woke up super early to drive to Evanston for the Northwestern football game against Indiana University. See, when I went to Northwestern, tailgating wasn't nearly this cool. Because we tailgated with Tim's program, it was really classy. There was a bartender and everything.

They really take their tailgating seriously - we saw super elaborate set ups with games, grills, buffets and who knows what else. We enjoyed breakfast, beverages, conversation and lunch before the game. My favorite was the purple cake pop dipped in white chocolate. Tasty and themed!

We had great seats and enjoyed the lovely weather. It was a great day for football and when we finished up there, Tim and I headed to the gym closest to my work. We both have the same membership, but usually go to different locations. He was surprised with how much nicer this location was and we spent a decent amount of time there.  Now, we're catching up on the DVR before I leave for an adventure tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I saw Looper on Friday too! Lets discuss :) First off, what did you think of it? I loved how much the movie made me think throughout, and I even spent time afterwards discussing it with my friend <-- love movies that make me do that :)

After discussing (with my brilliant friend who totally cleared up my confusion thanks to his knowledge of physics), I thought the movie made sense. The first time he came back from the future, his younger self killed his older self. Then he lived for 30 years and was sent back from the future again. This time, his younger self wasn't able to kill him and the older self ran away. Ok now I'm thinking about it and confusing myself!

Let's chat!

KellytheCulinarian said...

OK, I wondered the entire time we were watching this, am I too dumb for this film? How do multiple time lines exist, because he encountered himself on two consecutive days? My brain hurts.