Kelly the Culinarian: The Post About My Feet

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Post About My Feet

Without any pictures of my feet, mind you.  I hate feet.  All feet. Not just mine, everyone's feet. I think they look weird and inevitably have a few things that are just strange about them.

But mine hurt, so off to the podiatrist I went today.  The arch of my right foot has been bothering me, especially in the morning or after a hard run. This has been going on for the past month or so, but was especially bad during the marathon. Everything hurt then, but this especially.
Scary X-Ray machine

The office immediately sent me down to X-Ray and took three photos of the ornery foot.
Yet another X-ray of my insides
I saw the doctor, who did not look at my foot, either. Maybe he feels the same way about feet as I do, which would make his career choice quite cruious. He asked me a bunch of questions and reviewed the X-Ray and seemed thorough enough, but I was annoyed because he took a phone call during the middle of my appointment.

Anyhow, I have plantar faciiitis in my right food, which is a surprise to absolutely no one on the planet Earth. It's a very common inflammation issue caused by arch problems.

To bring down the inflammation, I got a giant needle stuck in my foot. The one-time cortisone shot should make me pain free in 48 hours. I think the anticipation of getting a shot in the foot was worse than pain of the shot.

To stay pain free, I have orthotic shoe inserts to support my arch.  With any luck, the only maintenance  that I'll have to keep up on is replacing the orthotics every six to eight months.

Do you wear orthotics? Why? Are they custom-made?


Kim said...

How long do you have to stay off your feet because of the shot? Can you still run in DC? :)

I hope the inserts help! I bet a lot of people have used them and will have input. I just wear a boot at night to help with my PF.

Losing Lindy said...

You need to go see Dr. Chin..he is the best!

KellytheCulinarian said...

He told me I could run today if I wanted. It still feels a bit tender, though. I might hit up the elliptical instead.

Unknown said...

I hope the orthotics help! I had a pair but eventually stopped wearing them in an effort to transition to more minimalist running. Have you thought about getting custom-fitted orthotics? They last many years!


Laima said...

Could you imagine looking at feet every day, all day??

Hope your feet feel better soon:)