Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Winner of the PlantFusion Giveaway is ...


She'll receive a 1-pound container of PlantFusion protein powder.  E-mail me at by 6 p.m. Friday to claim your prize.

In the meantime, if you would like to get your product into the hands of my readers through a Win it Wednesday contest, let me know.

Coincidentally, Kim is giving away an entry to the Thriller in Schiller 5K, which is on Oct. 28. You shouldn't enter the contest, though, because that dilutes my odds of winning the entry.


Losing Lindy said...

yay Kim

kilax said...

Yay! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to try it! I put some of my protein powder in a smoothie this am and am running low. Can't wait to try something new.

And thanks for the shoutout on my giveaway!