Kelly the Culinarian: Following the Plan

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Following the Plan

Today's training plan called for a 30-mile bike. I was going to meet Jenny for 20 miles and pick up an extra 10 before our date. Except I got all the way out to Frankfort and it was snowing. So, we had a change of plans. I headed to Jenny's place to see my baking buddy, where Elizabeth picked out this "best ever" brownie recipe for us to test out. Except we failed to follow the plan: someone did not have baking powder and thought hot chocolate mix was the same as unsweetened baking cocoa. The results were ... unexpected. They tasted good, but they were inedible nonetheless.

So, we had another change of plans. Jenny decided she wanted something that had both coconut and chocolate in it, so we went with this delicious chocolate coconut macaroon recipe. It went much better than our first attempted recipe.

Ah, redemption. At least one of the two recipes turned out OK. I can, in fact, follow a plan. I continued following the plan this evening, biking 30 miles on the stationary trainer in the basement. I made a second attempt at biking outside, but it was so windy and icy I abandoned it 1 mile in. Change of plans: nearly two hours on my bike inside watching shows on Amazon prime.

And while we're on the topic of plans, I've been following the endurance plan at CrossFit Rise since October. And I think my shoulder are looking mighty fine in this photo. I'm coming for you, pull ups.

Tonight, Tim and I enjoyed a planned date to La Placita, a Mexican place near us that we've never been to before. It was delicious and you can read my review on Yelp. I ordered what was called steak fajita platter, but it was not what I planned to eat. It was a piece of steak with two fried eggs on top with a side of rice and beans and tortilla. Unplanned, but unexpectedly awesome. We also finally went to a frozen yogurt place. We tried Yumz and it was awesome, but next time, I'll skip the brownie and cookie dough bites and stick with the crunchy stuff.

Did you get done everything you planned today?


Maggie W said...

oh man chocolate macaroons! sounds delicious.

Losing Lindy said...

I didn't get everything done, I never do. ;)

Xaarlin said...

Those coconut macaroons look delish! Lol at the exploding cupcakes ;) it's funny how missing one ingredient can wreck havoc! I once forgot to add butter to a cake recipe and it didnt rise...