Kelly the Culinarian: #RunnerPhotoChallenge: Signs of Spring

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#RunnerPhotoChallenge: Signs of Spring

Maggie over at Mag Mile Runner has resurrected the #RunnerPhotoChallenge.

This week’s theme: Signs of Spring

I didn't have to look far for this week's photo. Napoleon doesn't shed because he's a yorkshire terrier, but the trade off is that he needs regular grooming sessions and brushing. During the winter, we let his hair/fur grow and grow to keep him warm. But now that it's a bit warmer, it's time for his annual spring make over. While I was slogging through the Egg Shell Shuffle Saturday, Tim took the furbaby to the groomer. 

I think he looks hilarious when he comes back from the dog spa. It takes us all a while to get used to the new 'do because he looks like a different dog.  He likes going to the groomer, though, because he gets to play with other dogs while he waits and comes back looking like such a pretty boy.

Someone is ready for spring!


Maggie W said...

yayyyyyy photo challenge. and cute dog pictures.

Amanda said...

Ha!! So cute!

Losing Lindy said...

He looks so proud to have a haircut

Rachel said...

He is so cute, both shaggy and with his haircut!