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Friday, April 12, 2013

Running Blogger Survey

I stole this idea from Tina at Carrots 'N' Cake because I thought it was a cool concept. I'd love to see more Chicago Running Bloggers chime in with their answers!

Best Run Ever
Big Hit Half Marathon. It was the day that I decided I was a runner, not just someone who jogs every now and then. I learned that I'm capable of anything I put my mind to. It transformed me. Runner up: April Fools 5K, because I can't knock a new PR.

Three Words that Describe My Running
Evolving. Therapeutic. Social.
Running in Washington, D.C.

My Go-To Running Outfit
I have an embarrassingly large collection of running clothes. I opt for running shorts whenever the temp allows, along with a lightweight performance top, a running bra and I always wear a headband. Arm warmers are awesome, too.
Birthday arm warmers

Quirky Habit While Running
No Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites
I made these!
I am always thinking about food. I only started running to burn more calories, so this shouldn't be a surprise (Proof: my growing dessert recipe collection). I actually do some of my best problem solving while running and swimming.

Morning, Mid-day, or Evening
I used to be exclusive a before-work person, but I have since discovered the joy of the running lunch and I incorporate this into my routine once or twice a week. I'm generally home too late to run at night.

I Won’t Run Outside When It’s
Icy or too terribly cold. Since I started experiencing numbness in my hand, I have to be especially careful in the cold because I can't tell if my fingers are getting frostbite.

Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It
I have been fortunate in that I haven't had too many injuries, and they weren't that severe. There was that time my heart rate monitor sliced me open and I have the scar to prove it. I've had shin splints (new shoes and rest cured it) and plantar faciitis (needed orthodontics and a cortisone shot), but right now I'm still battle ulnar nerve entrapment. When I find the cure, I'll be sure to report back.

I Felt Most Like a Badass Runner When
I posted my first age group win. Someone actually gave me a medal, so that was really cool, especially since I was sedentary and overweight just a few years ago.

Potential Running Goal for 2013
Finish my first half Ironman in July.
Next Race Is
The Aurora Fox River Trail Half Marathon on May 12. If you want to see where to find me next, check out my race schedule page.

I want to read your answers to these questions - let's link up! This is the first time I'm using this platform, so please e-mail me if you have any issues with it.


Amanda - TooTallFritz said...

I don't like the IM Racine 70.3 put under "potential" goals. Can we just call it a goal? Cuz you are gonna finish (short of injury), even if I have to go back and carry you in myself. It's a done deal. Just swim, bike & run til then and you'll be fine. Done deal.

Run with Jess said...

Aw, I love that pix of us!! :)

Maggie W said...

"Someone actually gave me a medal." I felt the same way the first time I placed in my AG. I was like "when will they be on to me???"

KellytheCulinarian said...

It was great meeting you, too, Jess!

Xaarlin said...

Cool survey! What brand is that yello tank youre wearing? Looks great on you!

KellytheCulinarian said...

The brand is exersion, which is JCPenney's athletic clothing brand. I've been really pleased with their stuff.

Michelle @ said...

Losing Lindy said...

I also love that yellow tank. I am seeing more and more JCP stuff around lately, I need to check them out

KovasP said...

Thanks for the link-up Kelly, always fun reading about other people's experiences!

Shannon @I Survived and Now I Run said...

Linked up...thanks so's a great idea to remember what we runners have done in the past and learn for future runs or races.