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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Plan

I've kind of been afloat during the past few weeks. After the 70.3 Ironman Racine, I've given myself license to get lazy, and that's not good.

Because there's another 70.3 right around the corner. I signed up for the Festival of Races 70.3 on Sept. 7 because it's in East Tawas, Michigan, about 30 minutes away from the cabin my parents own. I haven't been to the cabin since 2008, and I hear my parents have made lots of upgrades and improvements.

On a deeper level, though, I want to push myself this time. I felt like I just tried to survive Racine, which I did with a smile. This time, I want to focus on getting a good time, not having a good time. I'd like to break six hours, if I can, and set a precedent. As I look to the next year of athletic pursuits, I want to ensure I'm basing my future performances on my best attempts, because 2014 is going to be huge. Epic.

I'm doing a 140.6 full Ironman in 2014.
Lust: Trek 7.8
But that's no surprise. After much deliberation in my household, Tim and I have decided that next year will be a good year for me to take on Ironman Wisconsin. I included him in this decision because it will have a huge impact on our family, our time, our budget and our priorities. It's a big commitment for both of us that will require twice daily training sessions for six months, early morning wake up calls for roughly one year and endless weekends spent pedaling, running and swimming for hours or traveling to "exotic" locales to do the same in a race scenario. And let's not even get into the cost of said travel, registration fees and associated gear.

On the same subject, Belle the bike just isn't cutting it anymore. I will likely be investing in a new ride this fall as I prepare to spend lots of quality time in the saddle preparing to pedal 112 miles.

Here's my tentative plan for the next year:

Sept. 7 - Festival of Race 70.3
Oct. 5 - Last Try Triathlon Olympic
October-December - Off season training - perhaps more sessions spent at CrossFit and taking up a bit of yoga
January-April - Training for a spring marathon
April-September - Solid six-month Ironman training
Sept. 8, 2014 - Ironman Wisconsin

This assumes, however, that I can get into the race. Wisconsin is notoriously difficult to get into. Most people volunteer to get priority registration access. However, I'll be in Michigan that day tackling 70.3 for the second time this season.

If I don't get in, it's not meant to be and I'll select another race, perhaps Ironman Arizona or Rev3 Cedar Point.

I will always dream big and commit bigger. And this is as big as it gets.


Amanda said...

Wow! Full ironman? That's awesome!! Good luck!

Unknown said...

I am so jealous!!! I can't wait to hear about the journey to the full!!

Losing Lindy said...

wow you are so awesome!!!

I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you about lunch..but work is insane..:(

We have approx. 100 people attending this month's orientation, this means I am super duper busy. My highest month since I started was we do supper or do you want to come run with us on Monday night and see Britt too?? :)

Maggie W said...

Good luck, crazy lady!!! I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kelly! You will rock a full Iron Man, that is so exciting!! I am seriously considering doing a 1/2 Iron in 2014, most likely Racine. You'll have to give me the swim instructor you knows info!

Anonymous said...

Go big or go home, right! Good luck! I hope you get into Wisconsin, bit Cedar Point sounds fun!

Jamie said...

Yay for a full Ironman in 2014!! We'll be doing Ironman Louisville a few weeks before you do Ironman Wisconsin. Wisconsin was actually on our list of possible full IM (because we wanted to be able to drive to the race), but Louisville fits better with work.

Mon Amour said...

Can't wait to follow your training for IMWI! I'm doing my first 70.3 next year & then hopefully an Ironman in 2015!

jenjen2845 said...
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jenjen2845 said...

Wow, that is awesome! Best of luck!

KellytheCulinarian said...

Thanks everyone! My comment function isn't working so well, but I really appreciate all your support.

Kayla said...

A full ironman?! Wahoo! That is a huge commitment (obviously) but I know you will do awesome! Good luck!