Kelly the Culinarian: Three Things Thursday

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Giovanni Rana sent me a whole box of pastas and sauces to try, which is awesome, because our fridge is almost empty. We've tried the whole line, but the bolognese sauce was our favorite with the ravioli cheese forte. It was better than what I've ordered in most restaurants, certainly cheaper and a lot faster. The pasta only has to cook for two minutes. Take that, Rachael Ray.
2. I tried a new variation of my tried-and-true famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. It did not turn out as planned. Stick with the original, friends.

3. I couldn't be home in time for trick or treating, which makes me sad. I love Halloween. So I bought an assortment of full-sized candy bars and left them outside with a note. There were still four left when I came home, so I guess our neighbor kids are either really honest or supervised by adults. One of those things.


9toFit said...

Wow full size candy bars, you were def the cool house on the block! lol and I was very surprised they left some there!

-Elise @

Jamie said...

We weren't home last night either, we didn't even buy candy haha.

Losing Lindy said...

wow, that pasta looks amazing!

We didn't have much luck with Trick-r-Treating, no one was home