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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Today in Pictures

I've been in the midst of an epic "me" day.  I'm feeling a little down about my injury and lack of racing this weekend, so I awoke and made us breakfast. Banana pancakes seemed to help.
I also sliced up the watermelon Melinda gave me. It was delicious.
I headed to the store to pick up all the things I'd need for tomorrow's Chicago Food Swap and saw this kiosk by the exit. It's a Seattle's Best kiosk that grind and brews your coffee on demand. It had a promotional sign where it texts you a code for a free one, so I tried a pumpkin spice latte. It was actually really good.
I came home and prepped all my foodstuff and packaging for tomorrow. I'm bringing kombucha, two kombucha starters and two loaves of pineapple caramel Greek yogurt pound cake. I'll post a full recap after the event, but I'm really excited for this event!
I bought beer today because we ran out last night. Then, Tim bought me my beer du jour and flowers, so now we're fully stocked. What a guy.
Then, I made us our first chef-y meal in a long time: Grilled rosemary pork chops with cinnamon roasted butternut squash and better than Trader Joe's kale salad.
How was your Saturday?


Losing Lindy said...

Sounds like a good day. Can you take a closer picture of the labels? They look interesting. I am glad the watermelon was good. Was this the squash tonight too??

KellytheCulinarian said...

Both the squash and watermelon were excellent. Thank you again for thinking of me! I'll take better pictures tomorrow. The labels have QR codes to my blog entries about the dishes. This way, people can check out what's in it for allergy purposes as well as find out how to make their own, in the case of the SCOBY.

Losing Lindy said...

I am so happy to hear that! I thought you had made special labels. I have so much to learn from you!!