Kelly the Culinarian: Scones and a Spot of Tea for My Mom's Birthday

Monday, January 27, 2014

Scones and a Spot of Tea for My Mom's Birthday

Soup du jour was a delight
Yay January! First, we celebrated Mandy's birthday at Revolution Brewing. Now, in sharp contrast, my mom and I honored her special day with a tea party. It was actually quite lovely!

My sisters and I joke that Antioch is about an hour away from anything worth going to. So when Infini-Tea popped up on Living Social, I was skeptical. I knew Antioch had a downtown, but I had no idea what happened there.

Turns out, quite a lot. We headed downtown Saturday and had a hard time finding a parking spot behind the restaurant. Inside, we found an eclectic little cafe decorated in the manner your grandma might have found pleasing: little knick nacks, fancy hats, frilly aprons, and shelves stacked with identical jars of loose-leaf tea. I was glad we made a reservation because it was a bustling little shop.
Egg pot pie

We're not huge tea drinkers and split a pot of chocolate truffle tea. It was perfect for the cold weather and quite delicious. We were served a taster of bread, and proceeded to order a few nibbles. I got a turkey sandwich with mushroom brie soup, and my mom got the chicken, feta and spinach quiche.

I might be British
Both entrees were excellent. The soup in particular was a great find. The brie was subtle and the mushrooms surprisingly filling. My mom loved her quiche and said the crust was fantastic.

We ended our afternoon together with raspberry scones, which was the meal highlight for me. They were served warm and ever so undercooked in the middle with sides of clotted cream, lemon curd and raspberry jam. Antioch may not be a destination, but these scones are. They were chewy and memorable, with a hint of crunchy sugar crust atop a dark-color dough infused with the scent of fresh fruit. We ordered two, which I could have eaten by myself. So. Good.

I hope my mom had a birthday that's as awesome as she is!


Unknown said...

I love going out for tea! There's a few places downtown I've been wanting to go to for awhile. I also have been wanting to make my own scones. One day!

Losing Lindy said...

looks like a fantastic time!

Valerie said...

That sounds tasty! I live a few minutes from Antioch and will have to try it. I don't like tea but a chocolate version might change my mind :-) I believe owners of Infinitea also own a place next door/nerby called Rugan's- which has some of the best martini's and tapas I've ever had!

Unknown said...

Glad you enjoyed going out for tea! It's definitely an experience worth having at least once. If you wanna get really fancy I suggest going to The Drake or The Peninsula downtown...I swear you walk away feeling so much classier (ha)